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Grange Park Conservation Use Plan


PMA Landscape Architects have undertaken, at the request of the Grange Park Advisory Committee (GPAC), an investigation to determine the best approach to rehabilitate the Grange Park landscape so that its beauty, historical qualities and passive recreational gifts continue to enrich the experiences of citizens and visitors.


The revitalization of the Park must highlight the dynamic nature of the place, reflecting its historic aspects and its culturally diverse users and maintaining the Park’s ecological identity. The Conservation Use Plan considers the real and desired uses of Grange Park, where science meets with design, historical reference, and operational input – focusing primarily on the conservation of the Park’s leafy resources.

  • Toronto, ON
  • 2 ha / 5.1 acre
  • Public park

diagram showing increase in canopy from 1909 to today

diagram showing the impact of the tree canopy on sunlight filtration

sections showing how to create a healthy tree canopy

diagram of current use of the park

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