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The Ontario Ministry of the Environment




Urban Realm

The Ministry of the Environment retained PMA Landscape Architects as part of an architectural renovation of their uptown Toronto head office. PMA was asked to design the space largely as a xeriscape; that is, for dry conditions. Adding to the challenge, the building’s front landscape had been constructed over a concrete slab, with minimal soil depth. In keeping with the building’s exterior renovations, which included polished granite walls and other linear, hard-edged elements, PMA proposed the creation of a bridge, linking the street to the building’s main entrance. Below this is a dry riverbed of rounded river stones and, sweeping up from it, are earth berms, planted naturalistically. Berming allowed for the increase of soil depth. In these naturalistic areas, impressively large and irregularly outlined stone slabs form the walkways and seating.

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • 1437 m²
  • Office Entranceway

view of front entranceway garden and bridge

view from sidewalk of planted area

secondary path to front door

small seating area


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