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Don Mills Park



Don Mills Park includes an innovative playground, appropriately scaled flexible green space, and community space for all ages. Using sustainable and high-quality material, the park has been designed to last as a local park for the existing community, the new Don Mills residents, shoppers and visitors alike.


The open green space surrounded by the trees provides the opportunity for passive recreational activities – to picnic, throw a Frisbee or play pick-up soccer. Central to the design is the playground with a rope structure, climbing sculptural blocks, basket swing, slide and junior play spring toys. Don Mills Park is nestled within a series of new high-density buildings, many will see this park from above. Given that there is a playful and graphic approach to the rubber pattern and finishes of the playground, and selection of planting, to considers these views in addition to the ground plane. Adjacent to the playground is small shade structure and eating area. The generous paths connect to the shade structure and frame the open green area. Small berms, planting, logs and rocks were utilized to buffer the space. This park will provide a welcoming green space for both parents and children to socialize.

  • Toronto, ON
  • 1.2 acres
  • Public Park

view of playground and open lawn


coloured shade structure and playground


play equipment


natural play equipment


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