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Sibelius Square




Sibelius Square revitalization project is an exciting example of the new collaborations between communities and the City of Toronto in governing public space. The deep involvement of the community in the shared open space is revealed in this project as a creative resource and a guiding force. PMA is working with the City and the community to give form to desires while incorporating economic, spatial, social and environmental constraints.


The essence of the redesign is to thoroughly examine the existing program and to design built features so that they work better, look better, wear beautifully, and are made from quality materials. The design also includes a sensitive approach to the history and culture of the park. Historical interpretation can be accomplished within a contemporary park design through references to Finnish and Scandinavian architectural and design traditions. Park components include: A junior and senior playground; gateway features, a pavilion with a large canopy in the north,  entrance wall with bronze lettering in the south; central plaza; new and improved seating areas with elegant site furnishings; and an improved concrete pathway system to replace the old asphalt.


The playground redesign included a junior and senior playground space. Many of the features (the climbing wall, rope bridge, and look-out) were custom designed for Sibelius Square playground. Natural materials such as sand, wood, and stone were used through-out the playground. Curved, stone walls contain the space and create small spaces for both parents and children to socialize.

  • Toronto, ON
  • 0.4 ha/ 1 acre
  • Public park

central square and relocated jean sibelius bust

pavillion – designed by natale and scott architects

children and parents play by south entranceway wall

opening day festivities

rendered conceptual plan

south entranceway wall

park and pavilion

curved walls and playground

junior playground

natural water play area

natural skating area

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