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June Callwood Park Competition





Urban Realm

PMA Landscape Architects and Ground Inc were shortlisted in the June Callwood Park Competition for the City of Toronto. Community activist and journalist June Callwood established hospices and centres for the less privileged and sick. The approach to the design of the park is to provide a place thatevokes this caring.


A linear planting system evocative of agricultural tracts is laid across the site. These tracts contain a plant palette chosen to nurture the entire self: body, mind and soul. Trees, shrubs and perennials are selected to encourage foraging, smelling, tasting and touching connect urban rooms of differing character. The effect is that of a botanical garden with the advantage that the majority of these plants can be harvested at some point in the season and enjoyed. Through the simple pleasures of harvesting, stewardship, and eating as a community, a profound and sustainable connection to the landscape and the neighbourhood will be formed. We feel that this is the essence of how June Callwood sought to cure societal malfunctions: by setting the groundwork for people to nourish themselves and their community.

  • Toronto, ON
  • 1.3 acre
  • Competition - Shortlisted

rendering of playground and water play area

conceptual plan


rendering of long kitchen table

rendering of plaza and shade structure



diagram of vegetation seasonality




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