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Taichung Competition


The transformation of the abandoned airstrip into SPROUTpark is a vital gesture that enables Taichung not only to adapt, but to capitalize on urban explosion. Framed as a reclamation and transformation of an abandoned airstrip, the project will result in a 64 hectare park system that acts as a vital link between significant existing communities and future urban development. By incorporating features such as amenity, ecology, scenery, disaster reduction, carbon reduction and leisure, Gateway Park will be a testament to the success of adaptive reuse and renovation.


SPROUTpark manifests the notion that innovation is often the result of a complex social interface and interaction between disparate systems and networks. Our park design aims to provide the citizens of Taichung with the tools necessary to organize a beautifully open-ended dynamic park network that can continually respond to changing demands. This is derived from the notion that strangers interact with another in unpredictable and creative ways when confronting each other in densely populated urban situations.

  • Taichung, Taiwan
  • 64 hectare
  • Competition

conceptual diagram

programming diagram

3D site plan by JET Architecture

rendering – JET + PMA

rendering – JET and PMA

rendering – JET and PMA

rendering – JET and PMA

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