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Niigon Industrial Complex


PMA Landscape Architects developed the landscape plan for the CSLA award-winning Niigon Complex,
representing sustainable industrial development. As part of a greater community vision, the Niigon Industrial
Complex is the first community project intended to provide employment opportunities to the residents of the
area. Situated in a remote reclaimed gravel pit, without infrastructure services, the design solution was
generated from within the boundaries of the site.


Soils for planting were generated locally through composting. Hard landscape materials, including granite,
gravel and sand were gathered and processed on the site, providing economic benefits and avoiding the
degradation of other sites. Water is recycled and re-used for domestic purposes and irrigation, through a
bio-system filter, which also provides on-site sewage treatment. Greywater niigon industrial complex
Mactier, Ontario cleansing is achieved through an active wetland. The planting palette is predominantly native to the area, with thirty varieties of plants being saved from a local highway construction project. The building harvests sunlight through solar panels and a heat-recapturing system is in place to recover what would otherwise be expended energy.


CSLA Award – Regional Honour 2004

  • MacTier, ON
  • 1.3 ha / 3.2 acres
  • Commercial

naturalized planting and path

naturalized planting and parking lot

nstormwater management pond and pedestrian bridge

stone steps

main entrance

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