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Rotary Champlain-Wendat Parc



 In celebration of the 400th anniversary of Samuel D Champlain’s arrival in North America and meeting with the Wendat Aboriginal Chief, PMA was tasked with the detailed deign of the ceremonial path and the placement of the 13 art pieces commissioned by the Town. Working with Aldershot Landscape Contractors PMA completed the project on budget and schedule.  The work included the terminus installation of the focal art piece of Champlain/Wendat Chief, Statues of Etienne Brule, Wendat bust, Laboureau bust, Le Caron bust, Brebeuf bust, Murray bust all by artist Tim Schmalz and a statue of John Graves Simcoe. The ceremonial path design is based upon traditional wampum belt pattern reflecting the gift exchange and goodwill associated with wampum tradition. A Circle of Four Nations was designed to house 4 bronze reliefs by artist Tyler Fauvelle, Planting in this circle represented colours of the traditional medicine wheel. The project continued with a second phase that includes a performance amphitheatre and a naturalized woodland arboretum planting. 

  • Penetanguishene, ON
  • 11 ha
  • Public
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