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High-Density Residential Developments

Urban Realm

PMA’s approach to developing landscapes for condominium sites includes working with the owner and architect in visualizing an identity for the landscape areas, ensuring high-quality materials in its components, and integrating best-practices design for managing resources, such as stormwater or irrigation, to ensure low maintenance in the long-term.


For the recent projects of Bloor Walk Condominium in Yorkville, Kensington I & II adjacent to the Old Mill, and Solara Condos at Keele Street and Weston Roads, PMA was faced with challenging space restrictions with very specific programming requirements. The site organization had to consider delineation of areas to promote social interaction in close vicinity with private terraces and units. While the three projects are situated in highly urban areas, the landscapes were designed to provide a respite from the city, as well as secluded extensions of the residents units.

  • Varies
  • Varies - 0.5 ha/1.2 acre
  • Terrace Gardens

bloorwalk condominium – roof deck

bloorwalk condominium – edge planters

bloorwalk condominium – street level

bloorwalk condominium – view from above

kensington condominium –  seating area

kensington condominium –  privacy wall

kensington condominium –  main entrance

kensington condominium –  front entrance

kensington condominium –  courtyard space

merton st. condominium –  roof deck gardens

merton st. condominium –  roof deck gardens



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