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Lee Centre Park

Urban Realm

Nestled among high-density new condominium developments adjacent to highway 401, Lee Centre Park provides a much-needed green recreational area to the residents of the surrounding towers. At 0.43 hectares, Lee Centre Park provides a significant amount of program and play value in a small area. The park includes a splash pad, a junior play area and a senior play area that was designed by artists Dan Young and Christian Giroux.


Lee Centre Park is an excellent example of how landscape architects and artists can collaborate to design excellent municipal parks. The artists were integrated into the creative process of designing the park from the very first steps. Young and Giroux attended all project design meetings and public information sessions, taking inspiration not only from the site and surroundings but from the expressed opinions of the local residents.

  • Toronto, ON
  • 0.43 ha/1.06 acres
  • Public park

playground at lee centre park

view of the playground and path

view of the path system

overview of the greenery and benches

waterplay at lee centre park

overview of the entire playground

open lawn and water feature

light posts during the day

lighting features at night



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